Sunday, 27 August 2017


Wow, what an experience. Speeches were the writing focus for the first four weeks of Term 3. From picking a topic to planning and writing, Room 4 has been amazing. While the thought of giving a speech had a few of us wobbling at the knees, we all got up and gave a variety of great speeches. We had a range of styles and topics with informative speeches on bullying, baby brothers and Donald Trump; persuasive speeches on the upside of PlayStation use, caring for our community and why kids should be allowed to bike on the footpath; and thought provoking speeches on driverless cars and futuristic schools. As a class, we enjoyed listening to everyone, discussing the strengths of each speech, providing helpful feedback and developing our oral language skills. Bring on next year when we will all be experts!

A huge congratulations to Nina B and Libby for representing our class at the VAS speech finals, you made us all so proud! Nina, well done for gaining second place in the finals.

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